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Year 8

Year 7 - 8 Poetry Workbook



Year 7 - 8 Poetry Workbook

This book aims to help Years 7 and 8 students become more comfortable with studying poetry, and less intimidated by the idea of analysing it. The activities introduce students to the skills they will need to study poetry throughout high school and provide practice in reading and responding to a range of different poems.
    In this book, students will find:
  • Fourteen chapters, each containing a different poem with a series of questions related to it
  • Coverage of different kinds of poetry, from classics to contemporary Australian works
  • Exercises to help students understand the different elements in poetry, including themes, structure, poetic techniques and punctuation
  • Writing activities to give students practice in writing your own poems
  • An introductory section about reading and writing poetry, including a glossary of technical terms
  • Suggested answers at the back of the book.

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